Service & Maintenance Guide - Flame Master Products

These are simple to follow service and maintenance instruction for our Flame Master Products.

Identifying a bad Drive Motor – Wobbling and free play of shaft

When the shaft is driving with extensive free play and wobble, it is good to do a check on the Kebab Machine's Main Drive Motor. Bring the unit to a large working space and tilt the kebab machine to take a look underneath the shaft.  With the unit powered OFF, turn the drive shaft by holding to the top section of the shaft.

Typically, a good normal play would be minor turn clockwise & anti-clockwise for about 5-10 degrees. If there is a large play in the turn + noisy during normal operation, this is a good indication of a work our or broken drive gear teeth. Consult Flame Master technical support.

Assembly of new Thermocouple Hot-End

This video describes the replacement process of the flame failure sensor on the kebab machine. The procedure may vary from model to model. Consult our technical support If you do have any question.
The key difference of the flame failure sensor is usually in the way it is mounted onto the burner section.

Flame Master Kebab Machine Maintenance – Drive Motor & Drive Shaft